GermoClean product description

Complete safe solution to achieve 100% hygiene in your kitchen to get rid of disease
causing germs. First time ever product mainly targeted for cutting board, fridges, grinders,
blenders, stored vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Added active antimicrobial ingredients in aqueous base with permitted colour.

To remove germs from cutting boards, knifes and other cutlery. It can also be used to wipe
off germs from utensils, fridge interior, grinders, blenders, food storage container.

To disinfect table tops and kitchen tops. It can be safely used to wash and store
vegetables, meat, poultry and fish.

Major advantage
100% safe does not affect the taste, texture of food items and no smell No change in colour,
no stickiness. Has long term activity 100% efficient removal of microbes causing typhoid

How to use
Drop on to surface and wipe to have uniform spreading on the surface allow to dry or wait for 1 min.
Dilute up to 50% in water to wash vegetables, meat, poultry and fish prior to refrigeration or storage.