Hygiene Awareness Programme

Program module
It is true that all food handlers are educated about the importance of Washing hands, Wearing cap, Impact of wearing jeweler, General Behavior such as not sneezing, not touching nose, Hair falling should be prevented etc.

However it is also true that every organization has a tough time in implementing this because, food handlers take these things as very light. In our program we intend to practically demonstrate the microbial contamination that will take place when these hygienic measures are not followed. The demonstration will be carried out by experts with the participation of your employees. By the end of this program you will find that your employees have seen the impact and importance of these hygienic practices. They will have good understanding of the contamination by microorganisms when such practices are not followed and they will be doing it with an objective and the benefit of which your organization will enjoy in terms of better hygienic environment and customer satisfaction.

The program will be 2 hours two sessions on two consecutive days
Day 1 Demonstration
Day 2 Interactions and Discussion

Who should attend the program?
All employees of your organization who are involved in food handling and room service.

Program will be conducted by:
Experts in food safety management. Doctorate in Microbiology

Size of the audience:
Group of 25 to 30 people

Resource to be provided:
LCD projector

All equipments required for practical demonstration will be brought by RndBio.