Product development and contract research services

We provide contract research services and need-based product development serving the needs for food, pharmaceutical. fermentation, textile, diagnostlc, herbal product and biotechnology by providing back office support in the laboratory work. We can undertake research taking into consideration the quality, safety and regulatory issues of the bioindustries. Our team is experienced in the identification of problems, positioning and solving strategies. Our standardized procedures can assure that the studies are well planned with high caliber investigational approach. The success of our projects depends on lining up the right resources In the right combination at precisely the right time.

We at RndBio continuously strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations through innovation and uncompromising quality. We are continuously seeking ways to improve technologies, procedures and the results we deliver to our customers. We listen to your needs and manage projects with as much attention to delivery dates as to deliverables. We anticipate everything you need to know before you have to ask about it. We take pride in consistently delivering the kind of results that will make us a leader. Contact us to discuss your needs.